Friday, May 1, 2009

2nd Day Out

Surfing has been delectable.
I'm actually leaving in half an hour to go out, but I decided to give you a taste of my world before I do..
Mind you, it's overcast in the photos because it was quite early in the morning.. and Abby decided to come with dad and I.. oh and the Bird came with Andrew to take pictures. (:
Basically it was awesome..


Erin and Aaron said...

aww, you and your ocean--reunited. How lovely. Glad you're enjoying it. And Birdie--what a spoiled little pup, all wrapped up, so cute!

Rachel said...

Birdie looks cozy:) I'm glad you're back in the ocean where you belong!

alexismunoadyer said...

love it! one more day!!!!!! tandem tandem tandem!

Anonymous said...

You RipGurl!

Love, Dad