Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Color Splash

Color Splash is a design show on HGTV, that I absolutely LOVE! Andrew actually likes it as well because the host, David Bromstad, is super talented (as whitnessed above). He actually GOT the show by winning HGTV's reality series called Design Star. And tah-dah'! Here he is, gracing our presence with his pure talent. Anyway... to get to the point, I use this thing called Twitter (yes, it featured in my left column). And on Twitter, I actually 'follow' David's updates. I like to know what he's up to, and it'll be interesting to see if he posts any tips through his account. So today he informed the tweeting world that he's going to be doing 5 makeovers in just 3 weeks! Yeah.. I know. So here's what went down..

Hello! did you see what just happened!? ...WE EXCHANGED WORDS... It's like I've had a real life celebrity moment! (okay, maybe he's only a celebrity in my eyes) Andrew and I were totally high-fiving each other because we feel a little bit cooler having had this experience. Haha. Yes, I'm aware that he's shirtless on his Twitter account. Apparently the man likes to work without one as seen many a times on the show (mother likes this, haha). Oh well, what can ya do.

Anyway.. just thought I'd share my moment. Night blogging world.
Oh yes.. catch the show on HGTV Saturdays at 9/8c. Cheers! (:


Erin and Aaron said...

AWESOME! don't you just feel awesome for silly little things like that!!

THose rooms are amazing...work some more magic and get him to come redo my house!

Michelle said...

You go Air! Now just tell him that you are staying at your moms this summer, and after you leave back to college, could he please make the room into a dream craft room for your momma!!!!! And yes, the shirt off thing works for me : )

shelly said...

I think that's so exciting! (I love things like that).

Ashley said...

I love that show too! He is seriously the most talented interior designer and artist ever and I'd KILL to have him design one of my rooms sometime! Too bad he only does San Francisco.