Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh My, Heaven.

Oh man, oh man! So here's the thing.
THIS wonderful Utah spa known as Sego Lily Mind Body Spa.. is doing a little diddy. A contest if you will. Meaning, you tell them why you should win a WHOLE YEAR'S WORTH OF TREATMENTS, and they give it to you. Well, not you, me. I plan on winning. I enter contests and giveaways.. and have yet to show for it, but this time will be different. Just you see. :)
Anyway, you might be thinking to yourself.. "Arica, you doodie.. you WORK in a spa, share the wealth!" ..and while this is a valid concern, I return your statement with a question: Do you think GIVING massages are as rewarding as RECIEVING them? ..that's what I thought.

The only catch is to post about the whole experience. When you recieve your monthly treatments and all that jazz. HELLO! Who wouldn't want to share the dream job of pampering with the rest of the world!? I mean, LOOK at these treatments.. you might want to check your lip. I think you're drooling already.

I mean if a HONEYDEW & PARAFFIN COCOON isn't reason enough to enter, I don't know what is. I can just imagine the words I would have to describe such a treatment after recieving it. Fancy, definitely a fancy thing to have done.

..All I can say is, I'm in.
And Sego Lily, I'll post about anything you want, ANYTHING!
And THAT is why I think I should win. :)

You are welcome to join me in THIS quest. Best of luck to us all, fellow Utah dwellers.


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Heather said...

This sounds wonderful!!! I'm in!