Monday, March 30, 2009

Luxe Sofa

I think this is the most creative 'futon' I've seen! Mostly because it looks so fashionable in it's 'sofa' state. AND the location of the crease is important. I imagine it's a THOUSAND times more comfortable to sleep on than the 'click-clack' (warning: looks can be decieving, that aweful crease in the middle of a click clack is NOT your friend). Mom, I hope you have gotten rid of that dredful thing by now. Haha.


Heather said...

SO cool!!

Ashley Smith said...

the click-clack is death to the chance at a good night's sleep. this does look better, but probably only for one person. haha.

Michelle said...

That is probably the exact equivalent of sleep comfort...who are you kidding?!