Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Gone Swimmin"

Yes, it's that time of year again ...almost.
And not like I need any more swimsuits. Goodness knows I have more than is necessary for any one woman to own in a lifetime, although I do wear them out with plenty of salt water & surfing.
Anyway, these Nordy's finds already have me drooling for the middle of summer. (the bottom right: let's face it.. doesn't look functional whatsoever, but is definitely insanely darling).


Francesca said...

Personally, I like the pink one and the "non-functional but cute" yellow one. I think the white one would look great on you!

Alex Monroe said...

Hey, My easter swimsiut is zebra, but just plain black and white w/torquise trim. you should SOO get the non-functional yellow one! actually, any of them would be amazing, but i really like that one.

Jess said...

look on urbanoutfitters!! Such cuteness!