Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My friends!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately..
As a massage therapist, the holiday of Valentines Day just so happens to be THEE busiest day/weekend/week of the YEAR. Needless to say, my body is tired, and my arms are limp.. and the holiday rush hasn't died down yet. Good news for my pocketbook, bad news for my love/dedication to over-ambitious nights of sleep.
Anyway, just to catch you up a little bit.. here are some new things that have come our way..

1. I can now say that I have had Escargot ..and it was very disgusting. It had no taste, and looked just like what it really is.. which made me feel like I was on Fear Factor instead of being in a fancy shmancy taste good restaurant.
2. I may or may not be unhealthily addicted to Lost. (I know, 5 seasons late Arica..) Which was what I was trying to do.. avoid it completely. Blast! It found me anyway. Thanks Brooke, I am both mad and extremely happy with you for this new thing.
3. Work, work, & more work..
4. Andrew has been slaving away with the animating. His reel will be posted soon for your viewing.
5. My hormones are FINALLY starting to level out. You wouldn't think this to be a big deal, but when your body goes from normal, to pregnant, to post pregnant.. it's a lot of intensity to deal with in the good ol' Endocrine system. That's the breaks, but the experience was worth it.
6. This is the first winter here in Utah that I have ACTUALLY enjoyed. The weather that is. I'm usually complaining. But for whatever reason, I've found it very peaceful as of late.

Well, that's that.. sorry it's not very much.. someday I will get back to posting a rediculous amount of posts to tickle everyone's fancy. Until then, wish me luck & lots of energy.

Cheers. :)


Merkley Jiating said...

I love Lost. I just watched seasons 1-3 last summer then Sam and I watched season 4 a couple of months ago and we just started watching season 5 last night! I have evening classes so we have to watch it online but I am so excited to watch this season!

Ashley Lisonbee said...

You are such a champ. I would be wasted. WE miss you. I am in California with the kids. Maybe we can get together when we return on the 26th.

Ashley said...

I love Lost too, and I just discovered it as well! Me and my husband are watching it and we're on Season 2 right now. It's great! And I hate escargot too, it's nasty!!!!!