Wednesday, January 7, 2009


..Okay, here it goes. Lot's of photos for you to check out. What we did was first, play a couple of days with my family (through Christmas Eve), then we went to the Youngs for Christmas day. We stayed with them and spent almost a week up in Newport! It was gorgeous and fun, and oh so relaxing. We came home for New Year's Eve, and spent the remaining 4 days with my family. It's ever changing down there. Abby's got a boyfriend, Allie is growing up FAST, and Ash is totally preggers, and you can tell now. I love our families, and I love being in San Diego.. but it's good to be in our home again.. Anyway, enjoy!

my camera takes SWEET panoramics.. I'm still learning how to line the shots up just right.

..typical. :)

Mary y Joseph.

The shepherds and the angel.

Andrew as all 3 wise men. He chanted and everything.

Christmas day.

True story, thanks Adam. Haha.


Balthazar from Etheopia (a wiseman from the Crystal Cathedral nativity show).


Beau & pops in the 'wa wa'.

Nephew CharLee

I seriously love that thing!

He loves being a silly.

Sister Ash Lisonbee, & Beau.

The gathering to find out.. it's A....


Celebrating with cigars..?

We had a great time.. and before you go, I finally got a shot of the stained glass window Andrew airbrushed (notice the characters & shrubbery) & built a year ago for his parents (with the help of Jeremy, Ash, & I). It's about 6 feet long!
Good work babe..

Have a good one.


Tiffany said...

I love all your pictures! And it looks like you had a whole bunch of fun. I am surprised to see no surfing pictures!

Arica said...

I KNOW.. i kept forgetting my camera, the ONE place i really wanted to get killer pictures! time, next time i promise!

Hoy Family said...

That looks like a very fun trip! That's so cool that you got a new camera!!! Looks like it's a really cool one too! Glad you had fun with family!

Seth said...

wow you had a great christmas break! I love the glass stained window. And I'm glad you're back blogging again!

Seth said...

Sorry that last comment was from me, Lacey! I was signed onto Seth's account! :)

Capture the Moment said...

WOW on the stained glass window! That looks incredible!

Holly and Matthew said...

we love your pictures! It looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday season. I haven't seen pics of you in a while....too long! I love your dark hair! VERY STRIKING! :) love ya girl! We sure hope you are doing well!! :)

The Clingo Family said...

hey! that ultrasound place your sister went to looks like the one i went to too! and whats weird is that ultrasound place called me saying they were mailing me a $5 gift card to jamba juice because i refered a friend to them named Ashley Smith. And the only person i know named Ashley Smith is your sister...was that her??

Ashley said...

Wow such cool pictures! That's awesome that you got the camera, what a great present! I'm glad you had an awesome vacation!!!