Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Can I even tell you how much my skin misses those rays!? Oh man, I have not been this white since.. since, EVER! You know it's bad when you go home for Christmas and your whole family (including your DAD) is like.. "whoa, Arica. I've never seen you this pale!" I KNOW! And yes, there are those of you who are like, 'whaaa.. I would KILL to be as dark as your palest day.' But to each his own. I am used to having an engraved swimsuit on under all of my clothes. And now it's almost completely gone.. which is very surreal. So what is the antidote? Well, I think I'm going to break this wicked spell, and commit the unforgivable. Yes, go to a tanning salon. Yeah, yeah.. embarrassing I know, but I'm not ashamed! I NEED IT. And OF course I'm not talking like I'm going to make a regular appearance, just a random visit when it suits me. Like once in a blue moon type of thing. The sun feels SOO goooood, and I crave the goodness! So if you catch me with a little more bounce in my step, you might just know why. I need that feel good, and it's about time to obtain it.
Cheers to the warmth. :)
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The Nielsens said...

don't even worry, i wont judge. in fact...i'm thinking of doing the very saaaaame thing. shame on us.