Saturday, January 24, 2009

One in the Same

Yes, Andrew and I are definitely 2 peas in a pod. This photo of him was taken over our break while with his family.. and it is EXACTLY something you would catch me doing with mine. Which is true. See photos below. Haha. For WHATEVER reason, I enjoy making extremely unattractive faces. What's worse, is that I'm not embarassed. Ha! Moving on.. When my sister Chrissy met Andrew and found out what a goof-ball he is, she said to me "haha.. whatever Arica, he's JUST like you!" Which is so true. Sometimes I like to think he's sillier than I am, but we are both weirdies. ..and I love it that way. :)

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The Stokes Family said...

I loved meeting andrew for the first time! He is just like you making it easy to love him -- because we already loved you so much! I love that you are weiries - I wouldn't change a thing!