Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, Bird is really good at taking naps. It's like she's constantly living on a 'sugar rush'. Meaning, she has these outrageous and hilarious bursts of energy, and then BAM!.. it's time to crash for 2 hours. Now, some of her favorite places to nap from most enjoyable to not her very favorite of places goes as follows: 1. In between someone's legs, underneath a blanket. Yes, strange. She basically likes feeling as if she's going to suffocate and burn to death. Beats me. Ha. 2. Under covers/blankets. Like I said, loves extreme warmth. I'm not exactly sure how she breathes, but hey, she's a burrower. It's in her genetic makeup if you will. Them doxies will burrow like there's no tomorrow. 3. On top of the couch pillows.. well on top of pillows period, but we try to not let her nap on ours. 4. On top of clean laundry. Again, we try to stop this from happening as much as possible. But it's funny sometimes, and so we humor her.
2 of her silly naps have been caught in the last 24hrs for your viewing.
I think she loves clean laundry because it's warm and she can nest into it easily.
Oh bless her heart, she's the cuteness.
And plus, she's my baby, so forgive me for all the posts in her behalf. I just love the wee pup so much, she's my little best friend whenever Andrew's away.

Note, in this second photo she has decided to sleep under our down, with her head sticking out and resting by the pillow. She learns from us and tends to copy what we do. She's a very smart little booger. It's pretty funny.

Maybe these made you smile.
Cheers. :)


Heather said...

i love her.

Seth and Lacey said...

How cute! I love it when dogs act like humans. Our dog has learned to push down the handle on doors to open them. ---not really too happy about that one.