Thursday, January 29, 2009

Henry Poole Is Here

This may be a tad late for a recommendation, but if you haven't seen this film.. DO. It came out some time ago (I think last September-ish..?), but just recently showed up at our Red Box, and we gave it a go, and WOW were we impressed. Now, Andrew and I are into depth, and artistic films, and this definitely fit the bill. There was so much goodness (literally) associated with this, that we really thought it was worth while. And just as a heads up, you might see 'Luke Wilson' and assume it's a comedy (and there are a few moments), but it's actually more of an inspirational drama perhaps..? Sure, something along those lines. Anyway, I am very glad to have seen it, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too. Try it on.. you might just love it.


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Merkley Jiating said...

I just added it to Netflix!