Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thus Far

Oh the joys of pregnancy..
In case you were wondering, here's what life has been for me as of late. And note: almost every symptom exists on this list of current life experiences. (warning: this might be more information than you were hoping for, although I know that many of you TOTALLY know where I'm coming from with all of this!)

- Nights interrupted with pee breaks. How I HATE waking up just to go pee.
- An un-easy stomach when I don't have food in my belly. Which is hard, because NOTHING & everything sounds good. Is that even possible?
- Yes, cravings! Oh man.. remember those KFC bowls? Yeah, craving number one, and it's just starting to fade.
- Almost constant nausea morning and night. (I have yet to throw up though! Knock on wood!.. and luckily this symptom is fading.)
- Very moody, mood swings (I am SOO sorry ANDREW!)
- Way too emotional..
- My boobs are KILLING me! I've learned I can't win with bras. They make me nauseous, but they help the pain go away.. dang it.
- I'm already using a hair-tie to support my open jeans. (Shh.. don't tell.)
- I'm almost always tired. Which makes me NOT want to wake up when I'm able to get some good sleep going on.
- My gag reflex loves to show up when I'm brushing my teeth.
- Any sight of blood makes me feel light headed, and the need to pass out. (note: this danger was very prevalent when viewing the end fight scene of Twilight at 2am. Oh man.. I'm glad I didn't faint!)
- Right now I have a love/hate relationship with working while being pregnant, I'm sure it will get better though!
- Not having any of my family up here just adds to the emotional stress of it all. I need you guys here for this dang it! Oh, Utah. You are not my friend right now.

That's pretty much it.. I think. I may have forgotten a couple. Haha. Rumor has it, that these will start to fade soon enough.. and I just can't WAIT till they do. A few of you have asked if we will be finding out what we're having, and the answer is YES! I'm too much of a 'preparer' to not! Also, I guess dogs are more aware of early pregnancy than we are. I was told that they can sense the pregnancy hormone before we even know we're pregnant! Crazy! So Birdie has seemingly been extra loving.. and hopefully when the baby comes, she will be protective rather than territorial. Anyway, I love you guys.. and thanks for all the support!

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Heather said...

Yes, yes and yes! Every single one of those symptoms and I have crossed paths. I PROMISE it'll get better!

Tiffany said...

Poor thing. Hopefully it will get better for you. Except for the peeing thing- that is only going to get worse. I get up at least 3 times in a night. I think that is our body's way of preparing us for many sleepless nights once the baby is here.

Ashley Lisonbee said...

I am so sorry you are dealing with all this. . .I know how you feel. Also when I was pregnant with CharLee and Beau, my family moved to California and continues to be gone for many experiences and things I would love them around for. I guess in a way that is why we are all bros and sis, so we can all help each other out. If there is anything I can do to be a better sister or comfort or relief please let me know how I can help you and I will drop everything in a minute.
Maybe if you need help cleaning, cooking, shopping or whatever. . . Also please come and claim what you want of my baby stuff and I do want to throw you a baby shower, so put a list together of friends/addresses you would like to invite.

The Wattson Family said...

Just wait, once you hit the four month mark POOF your not so tired and you can actually look at food without wanting to binge (knowing you might purge because you'll feel so gross after). The great thing about all of this is that it won't seem so bad in the after math and that will come in handy when you want another one:)

Amy Marie said...

I'm just glad your not saying, "My pregnancy is just like all my mom's." Oh geez! Looks like your doing well my friend!! yay for babies!

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you!! And how fun that your sister is pregnant around the same time too!!
Well, it sounds like being pregnant is a blast so far! :)

The Nielsens said...

oh my. the things i have to look forward to someday.