Monday, December 8, 2008

If 'baby' is a she..

These are some things on her Christmas wish-list. The reason why I say if baby's a she.. is mostly because we feel like we're having a girl. Although, the baby has let me know that regardless of the sex.. certain/most items should be purchased regardless. :) I guess only time will tell for sure!

from top to bottom: reversible jumper dress/top from here, my adorable niece Isabeau modeling leg warmers (we want leg warmers),baby Gap Tripp Trapp high chair (although, not interested if there isn't a tray attachment), simplicity Moses basket from Posh Tots, faux snake pouch sling from here, & misty shanghai backpack diaper bag from Posh Tots.

Yes, please. Thank you Santa! Baby would be oh' so happy! :)


Ashley Smith said...

dido on all of the above. i decided that if our babies are different sexes then i'm going to be very jealous of you! but it's ok because then we can buy each other all the great stuff that we would want to get if we had the boy/girl.

Erin and Aaron said...

SO cute! those dresses!!

Ashley said...

I love all those baby things! Girls really ARE so fun to dress up, you'll love it if it really is a girl. When I was pregnant with Kirsten I really felt like it was a girl, and I was right! But then I thought my next baby felt like a boy and found out it's a girl too. So I don't trust my intuition anymore. :)

Melissa said...

Hey Arica, it's Melissa, your cousin...I came across your blog and wanted to congratulate you! Yay for little baby!! I was looking at the wish list for your baby and saw the leg warmers...a lady in my ward here in Seattle owns "baby legs", she's got a ton of cute warmers. I want to get some for Brooklyn and I am tempted to even get some for Beckham....they have cute little argyle ones...I don't know if my hubby will go for that though! Congrats and Happy Holidays!