Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, Halloween was successful. Birdie made a couple appearances to the local children she knows and loves. The kids play with her and usually interrupt us during potty breaks. Birdie likes that.. she then tinkles around their feet instead of in the bushes. Classic. Andrew and I spent the evening at Olive Garden (what can I say, I'm a consumer of both authentic, and Americanized Italian food), and then to the local dollar theater for a viewing of WALL-E. We had not yet seen it, and really enjoyed the film. No good movie goes without an underlying wonderful message or two, and WALL-E definitely pulls through.

Saturday was filled mostly with work. In between clients I was able to finish my scarflette! I think you will like it.. picture's coming soon. :) It's not as good as the example I've given previously, but definitely cute!
Anyway, quick story..
While on my way home from work, I stop at a red light, as most sane humans do. Behind me; however, was a small couple in a very large truck. While checking all my mirrors like any good driver does.. my eyes catch sight of THEM. They were FULL on making out.. seriously, going to TOWN. As cute of a couple as they were.. I was totally disturbed. I thought to myself.. eeh, young love, can't blame 'em. Until at the next red light. This time they were in front of me.. and I had no choice but to watch them go at it again. I was now embarrassed ..for them, and for myself, having no option but to watch this nonsense. I'm sure, and it's obvious.. they could care less, but what about the mom a car over with her innocent children? Or the lady on the other side going through an unwanted divorce? Well, I guess one thing's for sure.. this couple isn't the least bit shy when it comes to PDA, or concerned at how their actions make other people feel. They spent the next mile or so swerving like drunkards because they were so twitterpated. Intoxicated by each others very presence. How dangerous for all of us. Yikes.. well, there's no good transition from that, so moving on..

I hope your Sunday is as fullfilling as mine has been thus far. The rain is wonderful. Our warm and cozy basement is perfect. Could life get any better??
Love you guys.. see ya tomorrow. :)

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Sean & Abby said...

olive garden is my fave.

and don't even worry I can't stand that kind of PDA either.