Monday, November 3, 2008

Father puts it best

In this letter.. couldn't have summed it up better myself.

Dear Councilman Madaffer,

Irresponsible permissiveness can be misinterpreted for "Love" . A parent would be "irresponsibly permissive" by giving in to a young impressionable pleading teenager to "please, please let me go on this weekend trip with my new friends." The parent having factual information that his teenage son's "new friends" are blatant heavy drug users would be anything but wise and loving by not not standing his ground and firmly telling the crying, begging youth "NO." The parent would no doubt be labeled by the immature selfish son as "MEAN, UNCARING, HATEFUL, JUDGMENTAL" and so forth.

If the parent were to ignore the true knowledge of his son's "new friends," their bad character and dangerous influence potentially resulting in the son's life struggle with drug addiction, the parent would certainly be unwise and simply WRONG.

God is a parent who does not give way to so called persuasive, sophisticated and enlightened arguments wherein he is called a "MEAN, UNCARING, HATEFUL, JUDGMENTAL and UNLOVING," parent by His children. He sees things as they were, as the are and as they are to come.

While I understand that many of His children struggle with same sex attraction I can promise you that many have been tempted in to such life styles by an increasingly permissive sinful society wherein we have continually pushed God's commandments aside and are now paying the consequences. I can also assure you that many of God's children struggling with being homosexual have turned their heart's to God and are on the right track in keeping His commandments and have peace in their life because of it.

If gay marriage is allowed to continue to envelope this nation than I believe strongly that God's protection of it will cease and His judgments will be unleashed on this state and country in a way that has never heretofore been seen before. I know God is real and that He is truly LOVING and that His commandments while firm and unbending are an extension of His TRUE LOVE to protect His children.


Eric Monroe
California Citizen for
Yes on Prop 8


Merkley Jiating said...

Yay for your daddy!

Hoy Family said...

I know what you mean about prop 2 - I am a HUGE ANIMAL LOVER! I can't watch movies if there is even a remote chance that an animal is going to get hurt, however, Prop 2 hurts us more than it protects animals. We have some friends who are chicken farmers in Valley Center and they have really opened my eyes to the issue. It affects the chicken market more than the veal or cow market (Veal isn't even produced in CA yet it's in the prop...) Check out the website... Sorry for my rant :)