Wednesday, October 8, 2008


White is actually my favorite color.
Why? Well because I get to take all the other AWESOME colors, combine them.. and vuah lah! White is born! It's basically an indecisive color-lover's safe haven (like me! I have a hard time narrowing down any other color, I just love them all too much).
..and when you use it as an accent color, it makes everything look 150 times better, as you see here..

I found these unique color wheel images at Flickr, and the stones are for purchase at Reya Veltman's etsy shop. (I guarantee more posts on her stuff later!).
They're actually pretty much IDENTICAL to the precious Be Sweet pebbles I posted about previously! Aren't they darling?! What are the odds? And the vase is fun too, I actually own one, and got it at Ikea.

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