Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Truth Be Told

Not sure if you know, but cooking spray can be used to dry your fresh manicure ultra fast! I heard this over the radio, and tried it out this morning to see how valid it is, and it TOTALLY works! The spray bubbles a little bit on contact, visually letting you know it's doing SOMETHING. What is it doing exactly? Well, the oil helps to dissolve the nail polish's solvent, as well as deflecting lint from sticking to your wet nails. Awesome! Give it a go. :)

So cool, now you don't have to wait 80 years to touch something, how perfect!

Photo & info courtesy of RealSimple


Sean & Abby said...

helpful hint.



Mike and Bianca said...

whaaaaat?! that's so coo. i'm totally gonna try it. :)

Amber Irene said...

Hmm.. I love painting my nails, I will Def. Have to try this! :)