Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Twilight's official and final trailer is coming to a theater near you! That's right, it will be released this Friday (Oct. 10th) in theaters before select movies! Instead of going to see a random movie, trying to get lucky with the previews (I would so do that, like the weirdie I am..), there will be a sneak preview of it Thursday night (Oct. 9th) on Entertainment Tonight! I will SOO be watching for it!
In other Twilight news.. here is their new poster to hit theaters soon also. :)

I am SOOO stinken EXCITED!!
I think I'm going to pee my pants.


Hoy Family said...

I just did pee my pants!!! LOVE THE POSTER!!! Will be "preview movie hopping" this weekend :)

The Nielsens said...

ahhhh, i just got all giddy reading that wonderful news!!

Alex Monroe said...

I already saw it, it's already released in california.