Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's Happenings

Well.. here it goes.

While about my own business, (searching for a perfectly adorable table lamp as my final gift with Andrew's anniversary money) ..I walk out of Tuesday Morning, unsuccessful at accomplishing my goal, at the same time 3 young ladies are walking out of the Hogi Yogi next door. Recognizing that we are the only humans outside of the stores, I was taken back when I heard one of them shout over something that sounded like "Chelsea!" I naturally turn and look to see who it was they were talking to.. and was confused when I met her anxious stare. I waited a moment and responded.. "me??" .."sorry, my name's Arica." I got a response back that had something to do with "remember me, Tammy's friend?" What was it that this girl didn't understand about my totally different name? I humored her while being completely confused, and responded simply "no, sorry." She waved me off and walked away muttering something not-so-nice under her breath. All the while still looking at me like I was crazy. Is it my fault that I'm not who she SWORE I was? Would I really be lying to this girl pretending I was someone else? Why is it that I am suddenly the one left feeling like an idiot for having no clue who these people were, when I wasn't the one to put myself out there mistaking someone for someone else? I am still baffled. I hope whoever Chelsea REALLY is, doesn't get hate messages from her friend Tammy, for begrudgingly responding in complete confusion to this girl. Sorry Chelsea, I hope I didn't ruin any friendships for you.. do forgive me.

Lesson learned: Pretend to be said Chelsea or whomever the next time someone mistakes you for someone else, so that everyone walks away content from the encounter.


Erin and Aaron said...

people are so strange sometimes!! how rude!

Hoy Family said...

hahaha! What a bunch of dumb girls!