Saturday, October 4, 2008


I've been taking politics very seriously these days. I have been striving to build my own opinions rather than basing them on what others would have me think or feel. Also, I'm trying to refrain from basing my stance on negative information. So far I have pretty much been sitting on the fence waiting for something huge to jump at me, because I see positive from both candidates. ..that is until I found THIS. A forum that was held by a Christian pastor in LA, questioning both Obama & McCain. Thanks to blog-hopping, I stumbled upon what I seem to have found the most informative, and personable interview yet. It has firmed up my stance, and given me much enlightenment and encouragement. I urge you to take the time (yes, it's about an hour long) to go through this Forum, and decide for yourself ..who you would have running the country. It made me feel like, all politics aside, here's what they stand for. Anyway, see for yourself.. get comfty. Here it is, the Saddleback Forum.

((You might have to refresh the page a few times for the video to finally come through. It's being tricky!))

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