Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Haha, once upon a time my sister Abby, my mother, and I decoupaged a desk that was in Abby's room. It was all pages and clippings from our surf magazines. Anyway, needless to say, Bruce Irons get's a lot of publicity in the mags. So, we decided it only necessary to dedicate the keyboard rack to him.. and signed it to be so. Haha. Abby, this is for you..

"Sweatin' to Bruce -Bruce Almighty. I hearby dedicate this keyboard thing to Bruce Irons. Aka.. the Iron Bruce. He eats metal sandwiches. ..The Bruce shrine."

Oh how silly we are. :)


Ashley Smith said...

sooo. that desk is currently in the garage because we took it out of the "rock band room" so our bed would fit. a week and a half ago i totally walked into it and got a huge bruise. gaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE modge podge. it's my favorite thing to say pretty much. Bruce is a hottie.

oh how i miss those days. if only we could live in a close proximity once again.

<3 Abby