Friday, October 10, 2008

Living Art Digital

Proud whip time:
I have been asked quite a bit lately about my wedding & engagement photos, and so I decided to share the wealth with ALL of you!

Yes, Living Art Digital is my sister-in-law, Ashley, & her husband Matthew's company. They do photography & videography throughout most of Utah (and travel under special circumstances). Specializing in mostly weddings & such. They are SOO talented. They are the ones who shot & filmed our wedding and we are SO grateful they did!
We will be able to cherish our special day forever.. very easily, because of them!

((Guess I kiss & tell. :) And it's crazy that I no longer have that long blond hair!))
((..Still loving it though!))

Thanks Ash & Matthew! We love you guys!
--We'll be booking a fall-photo shoot with you soon Ash!

For more information, and to check out their portfolio & pricing, you can visit them at

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Ashley Lisonbee said...

Yes. uhm, call me soon before it gets too cold. We can talk about all kinds of ideas you want.