Tuesday, October 14, 2008


..wannabe "Jones Soda" bottle-labels.
These are some shots of the sweet libations from both mine & Ashley's weddings.
You could do it too if you wanted. But for the full effect and easiest details, contact my mother (michellelmonroe@cox.net). She was the imaginative & creative mind behind this one. *Click & enlarge the image to read the label.. every word is associated with us getting married. It's precious, she's so full of sharp idea's that mother! Not to mention the person who TOTALLY put them all together. You're the man mom.

They were a smashing success. If you have some sort of event, go for it.. :)


The Stokes Family said...

I still have one from each wedding sweetly adorning a shelf in my office --- Loved it! Along with everything Gramma Shell does!!

Ashley said...

Those are SO cute, I love them!