Saturday, October 25, 2008


Alright friends, so the poll closed, and the majority of you voted for Princess Tiger Lily. Which is TOTALLY awesome. But I've got bad news, I have officially decided to resign dressing up this year. Why? Well, I haven't really been motivated to put the outfit together, and I haven't got an excuse to dress up. We haven't been invited to any 'Halloween parties' so I'm not too worried about it. Birdie can be the excitement in our home when trick or treaters come by. Speaking of trick or treat.. does that mean you either give them a treat, or trick them? Hmm.. something to think about.
Anyway, who needs full-on costumes, when you can have THESE! I think I should add them to my list of future costumes, because they're just so DAZZLING and RADICAL! Don't you agree?

Tom, you sure have a gift.
Have a fabulous Saturday night you guys.

P.S. Thanks for visiting dad, we had a great time!

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Ashley Lisonbee said...

So you both need to come over on Halloween. We are just going to let the kids go around the block and then play games and eat food. Would you be willing to bring an item to eat? Also the the scarf is almost done. . .speaking of, how is your scarf coming? I am so excited for it. . .it on you! And I will try to have your pics done on Friday too. Do you want to hang out and maybe do a little photo and make seed pancakes on Wed?
Luv U Later,