Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Google Give

So for those of you who weren't aware.. Google is having it's 10th birthday. And in turning 10, they decided to sponser a contest titled "10 to the 100th." In a brief summary, Google is going to donate $10 million to the idea that is able to help the most amount of people possible. The contest has been closed, meaning no more entrys are accepted. However, Andrew was able to submit an idea that he felt inspired to share. Literally. So anywho, one of the terms of submitting was that along with your theory statement, you had to turn in a 30 second film also describing your idea. So in a rushed format, here is what Andrew has come up with (although, he will tell you HE did not come up with it, he was inspired).

Now, a select few of the entries will be entered into a voting stage. Meaning, YOU will be able to choose which idea you see best to help the world. If you feel so inclined, register at this site, to REMIND you to vote when January 27th comes around.

So that's it in a nut shell! What do you think of Drew's idea??
He happily accepts input of any kind. :)

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Ashley Lisonbee said...

Awesome idea! Its better than any Humanitarian idea I've ever had.