Monday, October 6, 2008


This morning I woke up in terror. Let me explain what happened. While I was asleep...

I was in a high school play. Mind you, I didn't attend this high school.. and life was completely as it is now, except for whatever reason.. here I was, in this production. I was not a lead; however, I did have a fairly large roll as well as a male partner I did my scenes and songs with. We were supposed to be best friends in the play. There was a point when he and I were talking off stage.. and all of a sudden, he laid a smooth and passionate kiss on me! Ahh! What's terrible is that at first I thought nothing of it other than telling him .."you're 17 and haven't even gone on a mission yet!" How retarded, I didn't even remember in that instant that I was actually MARRIED. Later, before going on stage for one of our scenes, it hit me.. oh crap.. ..did I just cheat on Andrew!?? (DUH you dummie!)

I woke up shortly after.. totally flustered and not sure what to do. Andrew was working on homework when I decided I NEEDED to tell him! I told him the story above.. and he laughed and said "well hey, the kid knows what's up." What!? He wasn't the least bit concerned. I then realized, well duh why should he be.. it was a dream, and I was only being irrational because I told him before reality had even clicked in, and I hadn't yet realized it was a dream.
I'm such a dork. Haha, gotta love dreams that have brainwashed you into believing they really happened.
Haha.. what a relief!

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