Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All Is Well

Sorry for my tangent this morning. I've just had a hard day and have officially decided to choose to be happy. And that's the beauty of this life. We have a choice. And true, it is JUST a blog.. and so I am taking off my pity party hat and calling it over. Thanks for your support friends. There's nothing more helpful than a kind word, call, email, text.. what have you, of genuine concern. I will be ok, and thanks for your love. I'm feeling better already. :) ..Andrew on the other hand is having a more difficult time, seeing as his computer currently isn't working and that's the means of his work and school.
Like I said, do forgive me. I am imperfect, and will not whine again. :)


Tiffany said...

Do not feel bad for whining. Just look at my blog, I had my own personal little rant! Nothing wrong with that!

Ashley Lisonbee said...

Hey Arica
Please call and feel free any time and unload. Life has its suckpiles and you are right. . .we can choose how we act or react. I hope you are well. Would you ever just want to hang out? I am bit backed up on the photo editing. I have bridals, 2 family' s and then yours and some baby pics. I will try to hammer them out in the next two weeks.
Luvs, Ash-

ARICA said...

thanks tiffany! that made me feel better. :) and after reading your rant, i TOTALLY understand where you're coming from!