Thursday, September 4, 2008


All sorts of things to think about these days. Andrew started school on Tuesday and is actually really excited, he'll be learning all sorts of new goodies. Next up, my parents 25th anniversary, horray for them! After them it's OUR TURN! Yes, the 22nd will be our 1 year mark, woohoo! We plan on having a lovely day playing in Park City.. and I have a gift that Andrew will be SO excited about. I'll share it with you after he's received it. Then my mother in law's birthday is on the 25th. Crazy stuff. I've also been craving for some cute new sheets and shams to spice our bed up. Our duvet is nice, it just feels a little impersonal & needs some sort of love. Also, speaking of love.. my hair could use some TLC. Kelsie, I'll be calling you about that soon, it's time for a trade.. it's just gotten too long and too thick that I just seem to be throwing it up constantly, and that's just lame. Speaking of calling Kelsie, I would like to borrow her "Uglies, Pretties, Extras" set of books. I've heard their lovely, and just as easy to get into as the Twilight series. I plan on reading those next, along with the Narnia chronicles. It's just a matter of getting my hands on them! Anyway.. that's enough rambling for now. :)


Ashley Smith said...

yay for narnia!

It's All About Love said...

the uglies series is AMAZING. i read them all in like a week