Friday, September 5, 2008

Peek A' Boo

..I SEE you my little mischief! You and your small places. I'm astounded you can still fit under there you silly soul.


Ashley Smith said...

she IS a crazcie one

Hoy Family said...

Haha - One time we could find our cats for a couple of hours and it started to freak us out - eventually we heard them meowing. They had gotten behind our open dresser drawers and we had closed the drawer looking for them and they got trapped. It's the first place we look now :)

ps to a prevous blog - Our cats were a huge preperation to having a baby :)

Erin said...

I want a dog you lucky ducks. Erin says some day. But sweet blog you guys, I like the drawing up top, and keep up the good work.

John Pettingill

The Clingo Family said...

lol! how cute!!!