Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Celebration

So yesterday we decided what better way to celebrate our eternal marriage, than by going to the temple!? We ended up being there for over 4 hours! We did a session and then decided to do sealings for others. It was the perfect thing to do, and it was lovely to be reminded of what our blessings are if we strive for a perfect marriage. :)
We then ran home to change and get some lunch. We really wanted to go up to Park City to do the alpine slide and the zip line, but it was slightly drizzling outside, and we weren't sure if it would be open. We checked their website and it said that they weren't planning on having to close up, so we decided to head! Unfortunately right as we drove through Park City, it started POURING up there in the mountains! So dangit, there went our adventuresome activities. We plan on doing it next weekend before they close up. Anywho, we passed on through and continued on to Salt Lake. It wasn't a waste of a drive through the moutains to us because the scenery was so beautiful! Just a few of the trees had already turned the array of fall colors all the way through the mountains, which made our trip so fun! Alright onward to Salt Lake..
Well we had planned to eat dinner at Tucanos up there, but since we didn't use our energy in Park City, we weren't hungry! So instead we perused the many wonderful stores of The Gateway, including the ever beautiful Anthropologie. Warning, I was much more ecstatic than I appear. It was almost dangerous being in that all too lovely store.

We also walked around the little space museum at the IMax theater. It was a fun time, and we took a couple shots while we were on the Moon and while we visited Mars..

Mars was a bit hot and tiring. Andrew had to save me from that vast and bare wasteland.

Well so we ended the night with a lovely smoothie from Jamba.
It was a good day, and it will be fun to finish the activities this week that we didn't get to do yesterday.
And ON CAME THE PRESENTS.. Ok, so I gave Andrew his the night before, because I couldn't help myself, it was just too perfect! For years he has wanted a new Wacom tablet to draw on (it attaches to your computer and vuuahlah, you have the ability to do art right on your computer!). He has one, but there are new ones that offer the ability to draw right ON the screen. The tablet turns into the canvas, making it much easier and faster to do work! So BAM!.. I suprised him with one that I won on eBay for much much less than they cost. :) Along with some animation programs that the seller threw in with the tablet. I ended up saving over $500!! Thanks eBay, now THAT'S what I'm talkin about! And he was SOOO EXCITED!

As for me, Andrew treated me to those darling pillow shams I wanted a few weeks back, as well as some new sheets and a coverlet. Yeah, I must be boring if I get so excited and want bedding for a gift. He also plans on getting me midnight tickets to Twilight when they become available. Horray!! Also, we purchased a swimsuit we hope will fit when it comes in, and this lovely hat from forever 21. :)

What a splendid anniversary. Glad we get to celebrate one every year. :)
Happy Sabbath!


Ashley Smith said...

precious! mars looks exhausting. love the bed stuff. yay for marriage!

Hoy Family said...

SO fun!!! I love that hat! I tried it on on Friday and I loved it but am too scared to wear it :)