Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End

My pillow shams & swimsuit have arrived! You know, my anniversary gifts?.. they're soo perfect! I also took the shams to match some sheets, and vuah-lah, our bed's looking lucious! You should come and check all my sweet new stuff out. :)
Anywhoo, guess what? I'm officially quitting the third book "Specials." It gives me the creeps. I don't enjoy feeling disturbed by what's going on with the main character. If you can stomach through it, then good 'on ya. But I just can't handle it anymore. My mild OCD was begging me to complete the book for completion sake, but I just can't. It's a shame, because I was actually enjoying the series until it had me wriggling in discomfort. Oh well, moving on to my next series which is much more uplifting... THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA! Woohoo! :) I'm just gonna keep at being a book worm I guess. Aint no stoppin' me now!

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