Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Blind Men..

..And The Elephant

This image is a huge painting that Andrew did in the computer this last week for a BYU film project he's working on. He was asked to be the lead animator for this short film titled "The Blind Men & The Elephant." It will be shown at the next Sundance film festival. Pretty cool. To see more work that he and the others have done you can go HERE to the film's blog (I also have a link in the left under 'we're on the interweb'). Anyway.. he's so dang good. Love this boy.


Ashley Smith said...

andrew's elephants are waaay cooler than anyone else's on that blog...reminiscent of jungle book ones

Justin said...

Andrew...It already looks like a winning film. Please continue to put more updates on the blog about it. We're excited to see your creation in action.