Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok friends, It's bitter sweet.. I finished the book! I am so sad that my personal ability to extend the duration of reading, only stretched till today. I just couldn't stop! It is HANDS DOWN thee best book of the saga. I'm so sad it's over! So thankful for the movies that are sure to come (starting this December YESSS!), as well as Midnight Sun (Edwards book.. which is melting my heart already!), which is told to be her next/current project.

Oh, in case you're as obsessed as I am.. here's where you can get Stephenie's 'inspirational' music playlists used to help in the creation of these divine novels. Including recording artists such as Travis, U2, Brand New, Keane, Coldplay, Linkin Park, and her favorite the Muse. Also artists I had not yet been exposed to that I now LOVE -thanks to Stephenie- such as Marjorie Fair, David Gray, Placebo, Collective Soul, Blue October, etcetera etcetera. Basically you can drive around or sit here reading my blog while listening to the lyrics that describe the wonderful stories that we love so much. You can select the following links to see all these magical songs. (Some of the lists depict which characters the songs belong to.) Now you can rock out and be obsessed 24/7 like ME!

New Moon
Breaking Dawn

Enjoy Vampire & Music lovers!
(I think I'm going to start reading this book over again already, just to make sure I didn't miss anything since it was SO jam packed with INTENSITY & PERFECTION!)

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Ashley said...

I LOVED the book too, and now that I'm done I'm like a lost soul, I don't know what to read other than starting the whole series again and reading it all AGAIN! I'm obsessed just like you, and I love downloading those songs too and listening to them! I agree, it's so cool that she has those!