Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still need your email..

..Ok so I've received about 7 or so emails. I know your out there! I've had 40 views so far today, you can't fool me! Ha. Well, while we're waiting for the rest of you guys to hand them over (why?.. well, the post before states that I'm setting my blog to private, so I need your email to let you view it still!)'s a little video of my child who is now doing great things.

Proof! She's so dang cute!

Ok.. now give me your email friend if you still want perusing pleasure.


Erin and Aaron said...

WHAT?! you are a wenier dog trainer GENIUS! max won't do nothin. he is far too stubborn! I'm so proud of you, and birdie of course.

Pierces said...

Hey!! I didn't know you guys were Pierce blog readers! That's great, now I found your blog!

What are you guys up to? Still in Utah? We are going to San Diego in July for Kaseys homecoming; will you guys be around?