Monday, June 23, 2008

Grocery Smarts

So.. I've been holding out. Well not really, I wanted to wait to let everyone know until I knew how effective this was for myself. What am I talking about? This website called My sister in law introduced it to me, she told me what it does for you.. first off, you have to have your state or county's code or password, that way the site can access your local grocery stores. It then pops up your stores, and you pick yours. Mine is usually Smiths. So it then pulls up the list of items on sale that week. You can browse all the stores to see what has your items for less. It's been really helpful! For instance, today I looked at all the stores and actually found that Albertsons actually had most of my things I needed on sale! I saved over $22 today! I felt pretty good about myself. Anyway, it also lists all the coupons that you can use if you get the newspaper, to make the sale items even LESS! Its crazy! I would have saved a TON if I had the coupon books.
So anywho.. the Utah code is g84ro1 (sorry friends, I don't know San Diego's or O'ahu's, maybe you can find out somehow).

It also shows you online coupons that you can print and clip to use that apply to the sale items as well. Once again, I loose out on those deals since we don't currently own a printer. ..Someday.

Maybe it'll be just as helpful for you as it has been for me. :)
Check it out, and if you are confused about anything just let me know. I had a hard time making sense of it all when I first started checking it out.


brookebaby said...

when i say gardening tricks I mean lots of Miracle grow and plant it in something strange, like a massive yellow rainboot.

people will automatically respect you.

The Smiths said...

we clip coupons for mom now's makes base shopping like an extra half hour longer...yikes. as for watches we paid for ours. i don't know if mom got any for you cuz of the phone call.

The Price Family said...

I looked and I guess that this website only works for those who live in Utah or Nevada. Man... That is awesome though