Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well let's see.. life has been somewhat busy, and quite eventful. I've both quit my prior job (thank goodness), as well as found a new one (thanks to my old roomie). Don't get me wrong, I used to love where I worked, but as of late it has turned into a place that no one wants to be at.. if you've been there, you'd know. Anyway, Birdie and I have spent quite a bit of time at Kiwanis Park, Andrew has been LOVING his animation classes and now has a lot of 'connections' or 'ins' into the program, so that's exciting. And we've seen a couple movies these days with Kels & Cody. I visit the gas station more than usual because of my friend Lindsay working there and hooking me up with free drinks and icees, however, she just left there for a salon job, and I will greatly miss that close visit and connection. Thanks to my in-laws, Andrew and I were able to go up to Salt Lake last night and have a free dinner at Cheesecake Factory because of a birthday gift card they gave me, so that was a very nice treat, and we'll be able to use it one more time. :) And to top everything off, I got called to be the new Beehive Advisor in our ward! WOOHOO! They're such darling girls! I'm very excited. Busy days these days. And I just love it. If only Ash and Jeremy still lived here, we'd have it near perfect! Anyway, off I go, we're over due for a temple visit, so we're taking care of that today.

Have a fabulous weekend!


The Smiths said...

No it was cijays mom and dad....can you say psychos?? long story short...cijay was frantically looking for his cell phone that he lost in the yard. his "looking" consisted of pulling up the bushes that border our grass and throwing the pieces onto our yard (jeremy and i witnessed it happening when we pulled up coming back from the temple that afternoon). so anyways, when we told dad about it he didn't really care so alex took it into her own hands and started texting him threats if he didn't come clean it up...hence his parents showing up on the doorstep pissed as all heck once they'd seen the messages she was sending. but they are all absolutely insane and liars as the mom said alex lies and that cijay didn't do that, somebody else did it. when i told her that i saw him doing it she couldn't say anything else except that alex has always been a problem, blah blah blah. but i realized the two main things i should have brought up were that (1) if she's always had such a problem with alex then why does she let cijay come over to play with her (she never goes there looking for him), and (2) we've had a lot of damage to our property lately from teenagers like egging and our solar light being stolen and smashed, so his disrespect for our property upset the whole family. oh well.

Hoy Family said...

Arica!!! That is so fun that you are working with the Beehives... I remember when you were a new beehive and now you are all grown up :) I'm working with the Beehives in my ward too and it's probably one of the best callings ever! Anyway - Have a great day!

Erin Hoy